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January 1, 2010. a sale to a new kind of class hozyaystvennogomyla - MM-"EXTRA"
- Soap ctivities. 65% 200gr
- Soap ctivities. 65% 250g
- Soap ctivities. 65% 300g
- Soap ctivities. 65% 350g
- Soap ctivities. 72% 200gr
- Soap ctivities. 72% 250g
- Soap ctivities. 72% 300g
- Soap ctivities. 72% 350g
Новый Бренд Московский Мыловар
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Company "Moscow soap-boiler" represents soap Toilet and soap economical.
Our soaps are made of high quality natural raw materials of natural origin (animal and vegetable fats).
Toilet soap (soap-boiler Moscow)
Unleash your imagination, choose toilet soap mood and take care of themselves. You will feel the aroma, which remains on the skin even when the foam on it would no longer!
Soap provides a perfect clean skin, gently caring for her, protects against dryness, has antiallergenic action.
Our soap quality washes in hot and cold water, well washed hoary dirty spots, is indispensable for washing everyday and working clothes. Soap environmentally friendly product and is absolutely harmless to humans, so it is recommended for washing children's things, which is very justified because of hypoallergenic soap.
Soap is the ideal cleanser, which has no harmful effects on skin. It is easily applied directly to the pollution, well removes grease, stains and odor resistant.
Under the terms of work, organization of delivery, interaction with customs authorities You can get answers in the section "Frequently Asked Questions ..."
What kind of soap we do not sell, watch here
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Other manufacturers of soap, watch here
Subject era USSR Soap Moscow soap-boiler "was included in the list of essential era USSR. More familiar with the information you can by clicking on the link ...
Become a dealer "Plaint Moscow Soap" Today, one of the priorities of our activity is the organization of supply and integrated supply hoz.mylom wholesale and retail areas, industrial plants and factories in Russia. We offer constant deliveries to ensure the full needs of customers.Video of Soap Group values its name and reputation as a reliable partner, we are constantly evolving, trying to meet the most stringent requirements of our customers.      Our credo:      * Our customers - our partners
We always welcome new customers and are ready to cooperate!.
* Prices and the region to clarify the action a specialist sales.
News Site "Soap-boiler"What are the prospects of the market ...
C 1 February 2010. begins operation Forum Where you can discuss all the pros and mynusy manufacturers tealetnogo and soap.
From 1 January 2010. will rise in price of manufactured products - Laundry soap 72% at 1 ruble per 1 kg.
Since September 20, 2009. starts a program of implementation of the new soap.
Since 15 February 2009. program was launched by the organization dealer network in the regions of Russia and CIS countries. Learn more to provide dealership Product "Moscow soap-boiler" can a manager of sales.
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We are pleased to deliver the goods economic and soap in your country!
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